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Ebel Nashville | Ebel Louisville

To learn more about this designer, visit their website at http://www.ebel.com/. For a full display of Ebel and other luxury watches, please visit Genesis Diamonds.

Ebel Watches Louisville

When it comes to being innovators in the field of watch making, Ebel must surely be considered to be the leaders of the pack. Established in 1911 by a man and woman, which was generally unheard of at the time, Ebel watches have consistently worked to create some of the most desirable watches of all time.

Utilizing the strengths of both sexes, Ebel have always been able to produce fantastic, well-engineered timepieces with that feminine touch when it comes to the aesthetics of each watch. Today, Ebel watches maintain the traditional appeal which made this brand a success. Creating some of the most delicate ladies’ watches and refined timepieces for men, this Ebel certainly is a brand that all can appreciate.

We are delighted to work closely with this esteemed company in order to bring you the best selection, prices, warrantees and guarantees on all Ebel watches.

As these watches are engineered to last a life time, we suggest you contact us in order to find the best Ebel watch to fit your tastes and needs.

Undeniable, watch-making has tended to be a male dominated area - but not so at Ebel, which was built on the twin pillars of masculine and feminine values and qualities. 

The first architects of time who laid the company foundations on July 15, 1911, were a man and a woman, partners in life and in business.  Settled in La Chaux-de-Fonds, one of the major centers of Swiss watch-making, Eugene Blum and Alice Levy decided to seal their destinies in an entirely novel way. 

The name of the watchmaking firm they established symbolized its unique origins in the fusion of two outstanding personalities: EBEL - an acronym of the initials "Eugene Blum Et Levy". The couple's complementary talents and interests were to shape the corporate spirit.

Eugene dealt with the technical side of brand development, emphasizing precision, expertise and quality while Alice focused on the aesthetic aspects of Ebel watches, insisting on elegance and sensuality of design.

Their shared concern and flair for details led them to lavish meticulously skilled care of their entire product range, from exquisitely feminine jewelry models and Haute Joaillerie creations, to refined men's timepieces that were making the epochal transition from the pocket-watch to elegant wristwatches. 


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