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Swiss Army

Swiss Army

Swiss Army Watches, Nashville

A collection of Victorinox Swiss Army watches, as well as other designer watches are available at Genesis Diamonds, in Nashville Tn and Louisville Ky. Please visit Swiss Army for more information.

Swiss Army Watches Louisville and Nashville


For many years Victorinox Swiss Army was marketing the same timepiece product line under two different names ("Swiss Army" in North American and the Caribbean and "Victorinox Swiss Army" elsewhere in the world), but in 2007 that became a thing of the past, as the brand was unified for the global market.


Victorinox Swiss Army took the necessary steps to ensure this unification was a success, and continue to strive to uphold the key attributes that we are known for - Swiss-made precision, performance and engineering. All of these attributes are profoundly displayed in their ladies swiss army watch collection as well as the mens swiss army watch collection.


Many people know the Victorinox brand by a very different name, that being Swiss Army watches. The company operated under two separate names until 2007, when the company decided to globally unify the brand under one name. Today, Victorinox Swiss Army watches are some of the most recognizable timepieces available on the market, even if the combination of the brand names is not.


Victorinox watches are known for their precision, performance and engineering. While more commonly associated with mens swiss army watches, the company also produces some of the most exquisite ladies watches available on the market today.


Genesis Diamonds is proud of our relationship with Victorinox Swiss Army watches. It is due to our close relationship that we are able to bring you the best possible prices, selections, warrantees and guarantees on all of our Victorinox watches.


Should you have any questions about Victorinox time pieces, or simply need help finding the perfect watch to fit your needs, please contact us.



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