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TW Steel

TW Steel

TW Steel

View this fine line at TW Steel. TW Steel watches as well as other designer watches are available at Genesis Diamonds, in Nashville Tn and Lousiville Ky.


TW Steel Watches Nashville and Louisville


As a relative new comer in the world of timepiece design, TW Steel are already making a name for themselves as being one of the top watch making companies of the modern era. With big, bold designs, TW Steel watches are the leaders in the modern trend of over-sized timepieces. TW steel really is, as their name suggests, “The Watches in Steel”.


While TW Steel watches are more commonly associated with modern men’s timepieces; the company also offers a line more appropriate for females. While these are considerably more in line with ladies’ tastes, they are just as auspicious as the range of men’s timepieces this company offers.


Genesis Diamonds is proud to be one of TW Steel’s esteemed associates. Due to our relationship with this amazing contemporary company, we are able to bring you the best possible selection, prices, warranty and guarantees on all of the watches created by TW Steel.


Should you require assistance finding the perfect watch to fit your style and tastes, please feel free to contact us.


The wristwatch has undergone countless transformations since its introduction in the late 1800s. Most of these changes were influenced by fashion, rather than technology. The latest design trend seems to be moving toward big, bold designs, and away from dainty, delicate styles. TW Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of oversized watches. The name actually means 'The Watch in Steel.'


The Dutch company introduced its first full collection in 2005. Their timepieces are unabashedly big and bold with strong design features and superior construction. It is no wonder TW Steel is often considered a masculine brand. But the company also offers a full line of watches for the fairer sex, most of which are every bit as audacious as the men's models.

With one hundred and forty unique models in their growing catalogue, TW Steel has gone global and now offers their oversized timepieces in over 80 countries around the world. In a relatively short period of time, the company has established itself as international brand with widespread appeal in growing markets.


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