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Tips on How to Pose for Your Wedding Photos

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Posted on February 28, 2016

Stalking the blogs of a couple up and coming photography creatives from mutual blogging groups, as well as the many guides that exist online to help creatives perfect their chosen art was the best way to find tips for posing for wedding photos! Photographers who work with subject matter not always directly tied to weddings have some of the most valuable input; however, tips from those who specialize in wedding photography felt like a necessity as well, and so some of these tips are inspired by some of those people.

Hopefully, the following wedding picture posing tips for photographers will help you, as the subject of the photography, to get the best possible images to document your special day and the points that lead up to, and maybe even follow, it!

1. Finding a photographer who is also comfortable instructing you when it comes to posing is the place to start with making sure the poses you strike in your wedding photos are the ones you’ll want to. You’ll also want to do your research before booking a session to make sure that the photographer you’re looking to work with understands light, shadow, and all the little details that you, try as you might, will not be able to control from behind the camera.

2. Look for comfort in your poses. Kissing and other more intimate things that can be done in photos while finding “the pose” have become more or less standard in wedding photography, but if you are not that sort of couple then you aren’t. Good photographers will make suggestions, you’ll say yes or no to whatever it is you’re comfortable with; that simple. Relax yourself, confidence and ease show (this is not just a pose thing; it’s a body language thing too).

3. Now get out of that comfort zone one time. From associates who have had model aspirations and worked with professional photographers, to suggestions to take up space from experts like Vanessa Van Edwards of Science of People – the benefits of bending, stretching, jumping, dancing, and just having fun, are believed in by many who take photographs for a living. If you or your fiancé aren’t exactly pros behind the camera, and especially if you’ve acknowledged that one or both of you are nervous going in, take the reigns on collaborating with your wedding photographer by requesting some fun warm up shots to start with and get everyone settled in – this may give him or her a little guidance in the best way to pose you for the photos you actually came to take.

4. Compliment yourself before going in. Really focus on something you like about yourself and what you’d play up when photographing yourself and your future husband or wife if behind the camera. Personal experience with a talented photographer based at New York’s Milk Studios (an experience that lacked as far as the instructing portion and didn’t turn out as well as possible) was laced with compliments that allowed for any and everything good that resulted of the shoot. Full disclosure: the photos were never used, but sincere compliments and awareness on what you know is right and beautiful can help you to find, and your wedding photographer to capture, the perfect pose.

5. Pose for your candid photos; sort of. Get into position and then see what can be captured from there, while you’re sort of in the pose. Following through on this particular posing tip is a two way street with your photographer of course.

6. Don’t expect to lean on editing or chose a photographer who does this either. Photographer Loren Ferguson of Think Elysian has said that she loves to capture love just how it is standing in front of her. Your hair and makeup will be done as the lovely bride, and an editing trick or two may be used for your wedding photos, but be present. The photo is of you and you are camera ready with complimentary beauty tricks, like putting your hair up so that it frames your face, at your disposal.

7. Give your outfit the chance to express itself. This tip comes courtesy of Sofia Emm, photographer and blogger, who encourages creating movement while giving tips for capturing an outfit. The wedding pictures may be of the two of you, but the bride’s dress is the star of the show, so this is a great tip!

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