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Bridal Themes: A Vintage Wedding

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Posted on February 15, 2016

Thinking of a themed wedding? We think that’s a fabulous idea. Themes can make events fun and fun to plan, and this year you’ll see a series of possible wedding themes go up here on Genesis Diamonds’ bridal blog “The Rock” - giving you all the inspiration you’ll need to plan your own amazing themed wedding.

Let’s start with vintage!

The Ring

the ring

This beautiful Simon G. vintage ring with its square halo and intricate band is a stunner and an obvious decision to include in this post, or in an engagement leading up to a vintage themed wedding centered on any era. And of course in any marriage happening here and now!

The Dress

Photo Credit: Ashley J.

Flapper (center), classic A line (left), and 90’s (right), influenced styles pictured above are all perfect vintage inspired styles that the special ladies in your life and wedding (a.k.a) your bridesmaids) will actually be able to wear after the wedding. These styles were on display at the Bridal Extravaganza Show via Macys.

Photo Credit: Ashley J.

While sometimes we want to be a little less literal in interpreting our inspirations and incorporating themes, sometime you just have to go all the way. The wedding gown pictured above and below, captured at the BES via Haute Flowers and Finds, has a serious 60’s flower child vibe and is made for the bold bride who wants to have fun and make a serious personal statement with her bridal style!

Photo Credit: Ashley J.

The Modern Victorian styled dress below, captured on display by Renting White Dresses at BES, makes a modern statement while drawing on vintage style; seriously vintage. It’s dreamy and romantic. It’s “Romeo and Juliet” gone right, and it’s a dream of mixed fabric texture.

Photo Credit: Ashley J.

For the Guys

No matter what period you choose for your themed wedding, the groom will want to discuss, and maybe even do a bit of independent research on, the standards of fit and details for a tux in that time with a tailor. This is really the only style secret you’ll need to know as thee groom in a vintage themed wedding. Find a good tailor and you’re good to go; whether you’re getting a custom made tux or suite, or having something altered just right.

There’s also the matter of the groom’s cake; an old tradition we could stand to see come back and add a less serious element to the celebration that follows the reception. – See this link for a great example!

For the Girls (the tiny ones!)

Soft dresses and pretty little touches like careful fabric choices (think lace and tulle), as well as ribbons and accessories that get a little more period specific are great pointers for styling the perfect look for your flower girl or flower girls.

Other Little Touches That’ll Make a MAJOR Impact

Take those floral touches a bit further! A huge trend in bridal right now is the sort of 60’s and 70’s inspired floral touches that turn your wedding into you and/or you wedding planner’s version of the Garden of Eden. Flowers can be used for table runners, flower crowns, and even intricately laced to cascade through rustic fencing as a photo background at the reception.

Embellished Bouquets are great. Pearl, ribbon, and broaches around the stems of your bouquet give it a great classic feel that can be altered based on what is chosen to best fit the time of your vintage themed wedding.

Incorporate your favors! Having a photo booth present for guests dressed to fit your theme is an easy way to do this; however, you can think of other even more creative approaches as well, right?

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