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Everything You Should Know About Military Weddings

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Posted on May 2, 2018

Whoever had an opportunity to attend a military wedding can vouch for the fact that military weddings are truly different in a special way.

But what is so special when it comes to military-themed wedding ceremonies? Is it the formal attire of all guests invited, photo shooting beneath the national flag, or it does it have to do with something else maybe?

In this article, we will give you a list of most common traditions that are making military weddings stand out from the rest.

Military Unit Uniforms

If you’re getting married to a military member (or maybe you are the one serving the Army) one thing is for sure - there will be lots of military suits at the ceremony.

All of the serving members are expected to wear their military uniform and are welcome to proudly present all the medals and ribbons they have been presented with throughout their career in the Army.

If by any chance, the bride is the one actually serving the country, it is common for her to wear military boots beneath her beautiful wedding dress.

Finally, all the other attendees who are not in the military are expected to wear a formal attire to the wedding. Also, if a happy couple decides so, they can present a custom challenge coins by Embleholics to each one of them, so they don’t stand out from the entire military-themed scenography.

The Ceremony

Military weddings are organized in lots of unusual places. You can expect to be invited literally anywhere to attend the wedding - from beaches to the Army base.

This has to do with often occurring deployments of people serving in the Army, but also has to do with certain perks military couples enjoy in the forms of numerous discounts some services offered for people who are in the Army.

So, if you’re about to step into a military marriage, make sure to do your research about possible ways to save a bit of your money by utilizing discounts on bridal jewelry, wedding cake or perhaps on a restaurant that will host the reception.

The ceremony itself usually takes place inside the church, and the entire diligence on top with a just married couple is then moving to the reception.


Heavy Usage of Swords, Sabers, and Other Military Equipment

Usage of military equipment is the other thing that separates military from civilian weddings. For instance, cadets of the military academy are meant to form an arch out of drawn swords for the couple to walk beneath it when they exit the church after they’ve been married there.

Furthermore, wedding rings are presented by the best man to the couple at the ceremony on the edge of the blade of the sword (and not on the pillow).

Finally, you could witness a scene where a couple cuts their wedding cake using a sword instead of a kitchen knife.

Besides all of these mentioned above, there are truly dozens of traditions that are practiced and applicable only to military weddings.

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