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Top 10 Spring Wedding Trends any Bride MUST Know About

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Posted on March 22, 2015

The results are in, and 2015 is set to be a dreamy year in terms of wedding color trends. Throughout the year an eclectic selection of dreamy colors that range from the subdued to the eye catching, all managing to evoke images of ethereal nature scenes, will grace invitations, bridesmaids dresses, and other special decorative touches that will make each wedding unique, and display the tastes and decorative skill of the bride, the bridal party, and in some cases the wedding planer.


Colors are projected to stay soft and cool, with the top ten wedding colors for spring projected to be the sort of pastels that are typical of the season. Check out the many varied blue hues, and surprising shades for inspiration on your own spring wedding, and see how you can incorporate color concepts straight from the runways of this year’s Paris Fashion Week into your special day while staying on trend with what’s happening in the bridal world this spring!





Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites


In the holistic treatment of chromotherapy, this shade of blue is thought to reduce stress; more than a little important on a day as big as your wedding day. This color, like most of the spring season’s wedding colors for this year, is also gender neutral shade, allowing the wedding to feel like a special event for two people and their family and friends who are coming together for it, and not just a party for the bride.



Giambattista Valli, F/W 2015


Let the use of aquamarine coloring in this highly tailored silk pant serve as inspiration for the unexpected used of the color that can make your wedding stand out. Napkin rings and seat coverings for an outdoor wedding are options to get the ball rolling with.


Scuba Blue



Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites


The sky and sea often serve as a backdrop for beautiful outdoor weddings in places with sunny climates such as California, or Florida, and why not? As you can see from the image above this color works well for table setting, favors, and even jewelry, and makes crossing “something blue” off the bride’s list one of the easier things she’ll have to do.



Carven, F/W 2015


The cut and color of this puffy petite jacket make it an asset for turning just about any look into a Parisian chic ensemble.  Let this strong but soft shade of blue take things up a notch at your wedding this spring, and see your guests impressed with your sartorial sense of style.


Lucite Green



Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites


Let one of nature and spring’s ever present shades bring out your natural, pre-marital glow with the use of Lucite green and complimentary colors as the focal point of your wedding. The right shade of this green is bright and yet settling, and is amazing for an outdoor spring wedding without a doubt.


van doten

Dries Van Noten, F/W 2015


Clever use of Lucite green take this look up a notch, while allowing it to keep its’ understated cool. Bring this element to your wedding, perhaps allowing your bridesmaids to use it in a way that is coordinated but not matching to the tee.


Classic Blue



Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites


The last blue on the list, the classic blue may seem like an obvious color to incorporate into your wedding, but be careful not to over do it. Unless it is what you are going for, try to stay away from the prominent display of too much blue and white which can come off as if you’re going for a nautical theme.



Nina Ricci, F/W 2015


These classic blue slacks paired with unexpected, long dangling, fringe up top screams style. Do something that is simultaneously unexpected and understated when using the color for your wedding, and blow away everyone on your guest list without making too much of an over the top statement.


Toasted Almond



Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites


The imagery that it evokes makes toasted almond a personal favorite, and along with  a palette of nature inspired soft greens, and other flesh and earth tones, it pairs perfectly with many of the colors you may consider for your wedding this spring. From the bridesmaids dresses, to the bridal gown, toasted almond can be cleverly placed just about anywhere to work aesthetic wonders on your wedding.



Chloe, F/W 2015


This look from Chloe, pictured above, dances on the line between lingerie, luxury lounge wear, and a top choice for your wardrobe in the spring months. Let it inspire your sense of form and function when deciding on the visual details of your big day.


Strawberry Ice



Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites


You may be one of those brides who has completely taken the reigns on her spring wedding, or you may be a fashion forward husband to be; ready to embrace all of the possibilities that come along with the options of top spring wedding colors for 2015, including this crisp pink. Whatever the case, this color can be used a little or a lot to create the desired effect.



Alexander McQueen, F/W 2015


This look from Alexander McQueen reads bridal in a sort of Tim Burton way, and is a great reminder of all the fresh spins that can be taken on traditional looks and color schemes, like a soft pink and gray, that don’t exactly scream original.





Image Source: Elegant Wedding Invites


A pop of this appealing orange color is a great way to embrace the season of spring for your wedding, and offers a great alternative to traditional bouquet choices. While an orange dress will be a bit too much for most brides, there are many ways to work the color into the décor while keeping the wardrobe choices more natural, but complimentary all the same.



Balmain, Fall 2015


This sexy, chic style presents the tangerine shade in a way that isn’t at all rattling. Any tone of range can be a challenge to wear in a way that suits most people, but we’ve got a feeling you can pull it off as a spring wedding color that’ll leave your guest talking; in

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