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    The best places to propose in Columbus

    If you’re looking to propose in Columbus, Ohio you’ll want to consider these great options for creating an amazing day the two of you will remember for years to come as simply perfect. A great option is Creekside at Gahanna, where you can enjoy live music at the annual, early summer concert series.

    Mirror Lake at Ohio State University is a romantic option for alumni who may have met on campus, and Whetstone Park, one of the country’s largest rose gardens open to the public, and a sight to see in the winter as well, sets a story book scene you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Ohio.

    Returning to the place where you had your first date offers the same sort of romance achieved by alumni returning to a beautiful and notable spot on campus to propose. And The Scioto Mile offers a breathtaking view of the water and city skyline that create a beautiful side of Columbus you just might miss if you don’t know where to look for it.


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