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Christopher Designs

A fusion of classic and modern to create something eternal – this is the story of Christopher Slowinski, founder of Christopher Designs. It is only the eye of a true master and innovator that can see things that others before them have not. By combining his classical jewelry training with the tools of modern technology to create his patented Crisscut® diamonds, Christopher Slowinski took the brilliance of diamonds to another level. The addition of 29 “crisscrossed” facets to the usual 48 facets in the original Crisscut® diamond exhibited an unprecedented interplay of light through the diamond. Crisscut® has now been applied to emerald and cushion shaped diamonds as well as the Crisscut® Cushion. It is this dedication to old school artisanship coupled with cutting-edge innovation that makes every Christopher Designs engagement ring special and something to be savored.

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