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Breitling Watches Louisville

Breitling has created precision timepieces since the company’s founding in 1884. Founded by Leon Breitling, a specialist in chronographs, this company has a long history in the aviation world where accuracy, reliability and technical innovation are critical.

In 1915, the company succeeded in creating the first wrist watch chronograph, which provided pilot’s with their first wrist time keeping instrument. Breitling has continued, to this day, to create and develop technical watches of exceptional quality and designed for continuous use.

Breitling watches are extremely popular and sought after timepieces for men who admire both a gorgeous aesthetic appeal and long lasting durability. It is said that you will never need to replace a Breitling timepiece.

Genesis Diamonds is proud of our association with Breitling. Due to our strong relationship, we are able to offer you the best possible prices, selection, warranties and guarantees on all Breitling watches.

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